The Super Garage Sale is the biggest garage sale in South West Montana. We wanted to list everything that would be for sale this Saturday but quickly found out it's actually easier to name off the things that won't be for sale at the Super Garage Sale. Below you will find our list of items you might not find up for sale. But we've been wrong before!

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    Heart of the Ocean (Diamond in Titanic)

    We are pretty sure it's still at the bottom of the Atlantic, that is if it did actually exist. What you might find though is a Celine Dion CD or vinyl record that will help your heart go on.

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    As cute as Gizmo was in the movie the Gremlins, and the following sequels, we hope that no one is selling a Mogwai. If they are, I just might move to move to another state.

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    I didn't read the Harry Potter books which lead to extreme confusion as to what exactly a Horcrux was when I watched the movies. Luckily one of my more savvy Potter friends was able to explain it to me. Now that I know, I also know that Voldemort wouldn't hide any of his Horcrux in such a heavily trafficked location. Or maybe that would aid him in his deceit? Either way, I think they were all destroyed by the final Harry Potter. Oops spoiler alert!

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    Old Nintendo Consoles

    I am telling you that old Nintendo Consoles like the NES, Super Nintendo, or original Game Boy will not be at the Super Garage Sale. I'm not telling you this because I secretly want to find one there and hope that you will listen to my advice and therefore lessen my competition come May 19th. No not at all, I speak only truth.

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    A New Best Friend

    If you're looking for someone to take you to the movies or to share a milk shake with, you may need to look elsewhere. But if you're looking for a four legged friend who won't mind what time you get home at night and always greets you at the door, you may be in luck. Last year's Super Garage Sale had a seller with the most adorable little puppies. Maybe after getting a puppy you will begin to attract more suitable movie date companions. Maybe.