No, I did not participate in the 2012 Bozemonster Challenge myself, but I cheered for those brave enough to run, climb, swim and splash 5K in the Bozeman sun to the finish line. It looked like so much fun I'm seriously thinking about doing it next year. If you missed it, check out our photo gallery of nearly 250 images right here.

What was really fun about the race was the amount of runners dawning creative and whimsical costumes. There were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Irish Warriors, various supermen/women, a gnome and more!

Both the men's and women's winners ran with a cape on their backs. I'm thinking this costume was fundamental to their victories! That or it's just really fun to run with a cape on. You can see the two winners at the end of the gallery by clicking the left arrow first.

You can see better quality images and download ones you'd like in this Google Plus Gallery