Here in Bozeman, it is widely known that we have a very strong sense of pride in our ski community prowess. The Cold Smoke Awards are in many ways the embodiment of the culture that has grown over the ages of Bozeman’s history as a ski town.

The Cold Smoke Awards saw its inception in 2003 through the minds of local skiers Jonas Grenz, Anjin Herndon, Jeremy Mistretta and Brad Van Wert. At first the event was intended to be a competition of local ski films, where Bozeman’s best and most BA skiers and boarders could spread word of their forays into the cold smoke. This year’s event, the largest to date with the most films submitted and the most awards given featured flicks from Teton Gravity Research, Sweet grass Productions and Brain Farm, the infamous producers of That’s it That’s all, and The Art of Flight. Even with these big name production companies in the mix though, young gun home team production crews such as The Bridger Brigade from our own Bridger Bowl and KGB productions out of Jackson took home multiple awards.

More than anything though, the Cold Smoke Awards is about celebrating the passion and magic we skiers and boarders see in shredding a pristine pow line in the mountains we choose to spend a large part of our lives in. This year’s awards were no exception; with stoke levels on high and libations aplenty. Post awards, people moved things from the Emerson Theater right on over to the ballroom next-door where The Cold Smoke Carnival, a party of epic proportions featuring WINTER WoMP w/J.WAIL, and DJ Chachi. The entertainment threw beats at the masses with winter visuals provided by VJ AJ. The Zebra Cocktail Lounge provided a full bar at the other end of the room providing liquid stoke to all attendees.

Award winners from the evening are listed as follows:

The Award for Best Ascent Winner: Cold, Forge Motion Pictures

The Award for Best Cinematography Winner: Solitaire, Sweetgrass Productions

The Award for Best Jib Winner: The Grand Bizarre, Poor Boyz Productions

The Award for Best Descent Winner: This is My Winter, Time Line Films

The Award for Best Huck Winner: Ride the Tiger, Bridger Brigade

The Home Field Advantage Award Winner: Wyoming Triumph, KGB Productions

The Chunder Award Winner: Poor Man’s Riches, Full Room Productions

The Award for Best Powder Winner: La Nina, Switchback Entertainment

The People’s Choice Award: Ride the Tiger, Bridger Brigade

The Cold Smoke Award Winner: The Freedom Chair, Switchback Entertainment