The Chinese New Year is almost upon us, which will welcome in the year of the horse. An additional astrological element is recognized with each year, 2014 being the year of the wooden horse.  Find out your specific animal and element, and what it means here:

The Chinese New Year, or Nongli Xinnian, is coming up on January 31, the first day of the first month of the Chinese calender. The Chinese months are determined by both solar and lunar changes, with the new year coming approximately a month and a half after the winter solstice and symbolizing the beginning of spring. The 15 days of celebration after January 31 are also known as the spring festival.

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The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people's ethos - making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able. Ancient people liked to designate an able person as 'Qianli Ma', a horse that covers a thousand li a day (one li equals 500 meters)

An additional astrological factor or element is grouped with each year to distinguish it even further: either metal, wood, water, fire or earth. 2014 is known as the year of the wooden horse, or the green wooden horse, as wood is associated with green and nature.

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