Just about everyone you talk to around here will tell you that you need to have a winter hobby living here. I get it, it's a long winter season and embracing the outdoors rather than hibernating makes for a much more interesting life. But as I sit indoors typing this during Gallatin Valley's first major snowstorm of the season, I can't help but feel totally content. Now I also realize this is the first test from Mother Nature in quite some time. These walls do close in fast.

With that said, a day off doesn't feel wasted indoors when it snows like this. As long as I step out my door to admire it from time to time, I'm as happy as a clam in my shell. That's why I'll force myself to take a quick walk or play with my dogs in the snow. I mean look at the backdrop of this website, that's the backdrop from our backyard! So I do need to dip my feet in but I don't always need to dive in.

Maybe I'm so content today because it's Cat/Griz Saturday and I just have to walk next door to watch the Cats beat the Griz for the first time in 5 years (my neighbor is having a party). Maybe I'm just being lazy today or again maybe (very probably) I'll be singing a different tune in a month. Regardless, I'm not making many plans for this winter season. Somehow I think everything is gonna be more than alright.

I want to add that I have taken the local advice and taken an interest in the cold outdoors (I've just started cross-country and downhill skiing a bit). Growing up back east, winters have always been a part of life but I'm now realizing they can be a treasure. I'm still finding my balance here and in the meantime, still feeling so fortunate to be living in Southwest Montana. That's a beautiful thing!