Although I'm fairly well known as being picky, bossy, snappy and significantly OCD, my desk is always trashed. Without exception. On any given day of the week it will be piled with music, papers, mail, coffee cups, candy, whatever. Truly the worst in the building.  It's not a place of relaxation or high productivity.

I plan on tackling this embarrassment by organizing the piles and making it all go away. Which is a good thing for you. What I mean by that is this: there is a TON of great stuff in those piles. Tickets to upcoming events, cool books (think 50 Hikes You Have To Make Before You Die), extra copies of new albums, free food certificates. The list goes on.

You have my word that those items will no longer live on my desk by the end of the week. They will go up on the VIP section of for you to enjoy with your VIP points. If you're not already a MOOSE VIP, it only takes a second to sign up and your info doesn't go anywhere except here. I promise. -m