I have been an avid snowboarder for the past 14 years. I switched from skiing to snowboarding when I was 12 and haven't gone back since. Recently, I have been keen on the idea of trying skiing again. But what ski type, brand, and size should I get? 

I've been most infatuated with the wider skis, or narrow ass snowboards, that have become prevalent on the ski slopes over the last few years. I know these skis are meant for gnarly powder days, but are they doable on groomer days too?

I found this handy website frostyrider.com and it's ski size guide. I entered my height, weight, gender, skiing style, terrain, and ability and the guide recommended a ski length of and pole length. The site even recommended a few models of skis I might be interested in.

Any advice would be great for a snowboarder wanting to go back to his roots. If you see a 26 year old beginner skier up at Bridger Bowl this season promise not to spray me!