A recent post from Michelle Wolfe made me think of my own burning questions. It also reminded me of that Common song, "The Questions". Has anyone heard that? It used to be one of my favorites (it's been awhile, I need to hear that again soon). Common asks some very important questions in that song. For example, "why did Dr. J shave his beard and mustache?" He definitely lost his mojo after that. Coincidence? Couldn't be.

But ANYWAY, here are some random questions that float around my head.

1. How can a stranger not say thank you after you do something polite for them? (like holding the door for them). Or how does a stranger not return a friendly smile? (I could see not returning a creepy smile).

2. How or why are the Kardashian sisters famous? Just one of many examples that anyone can be famous in our society. Here's a list of what you need. A camera. (end of list).

3. How do some people not love animals? Seriously, the only time animals don't show love is when they're scared. Help them, eliminate the fear. Because after that you'll be helping yourself. Who doesn't like some pure, unconditional love? We need more of that in this world, no? Look to the animals my friend. I can see being allergic and needing to stay away but have you ever met that person who just comes out and says "I don't like animals"? Weird.

4. I don't want to get too specific with any questions regarding females. Clearly we don't understand each other. I guess I'll just ask, why is our wiring so completely different? We're both human after all and if we had just the same basic mental framework we could live more peacefully the other half of the time.

That's really not it as far as questions I have. Just a few other things that puzzle me involve dreams, tribute bands, "power walking" and telemarketers that call your house during inappropriate hours.