A very good friend of mine from back home in Connecticut has a dad that is way cooler than him. My friend is well aware of this fact, through the years a group of us have reminded him numerous times and he always agrees. In fact, I think my friend Tom and I really started becoming good friends after I first met his dad. He's not only one cool dude but an extremely talented musician. I've always been blown away when I see Mr. Sansone on stage with a sax. Check out this video and see what I mean. This is a performance with his band Airborne.

Airborne plays Contemporary Smooth Jazz and World Fusion. For more info and videos you can check out their website, www.airbornejazz.com. Tom Sansone plays the sax (tenor, alto & soprano) and the flute. Mr. Sansone isn't all about smooth jazz though, he gets down with funk and soul too (I'll never forget my buddy's wedding thanks to the magic his dad provided at the reception)