My daughter is not quite three years old, and I swear to you I have no recollection of the 'newborn phase of care.' I was right there, the super hands-on dad, 100% invested in love and sacrifice, and I already forgot!

Let me also add, I am not a forgetful man. So far, the memory is still (somehow) completely intact. I can bring myself back to how I looked at her and how my heart was always bursting with joy in those early days, but I can't remember how the proper feeding process worked exactly. How did my delicate ninja burping process go again? How often was I waking up in the night? How did I deal with that? How do I even make a swaddle, damn it?!!...(It wasn't even three years ago).

I truly believe it is nature's way of overpopulating this planet. This is the core reason we all die folks. It's the same thing for mothers and how quickly they forget the labor pain, that new human swinging accessory they must tote around on a regular basis for months or years, the lack of sleep, all of it.

Nature hangs that carrot soon after the first one is born (take it from someone who once swore up and down he would never have any kids). As soon as they grow out of their first set of clothes it begins. The seconds that follow the first time she says, "look honey, I just found her first sock, look at it, isn't it so cute? Can you believe she wore this? Ohhhh, she'll never wear it again [ frowny face :( ].....something along these lines. This undying need for even more love is in us my friends. And will soon be the death of us (half kidding).

Well, that's a rough thesis but I needed to get it down. Oh, does everyone from both genders generally agree? Those who have had more than one child, did you have a hard time remembering what that newborn phase was like as you prepared for it the second time (or third, fourth and beyond)? I have no doubts the skill and instincts will come right back, but I think nature has a funny way of glazing our minds over in this manner. Anyway, I would love to know what you think.