I spent the last two weeks at home in my bath robe. It was, by far, the most worthwhile vacation time I've ever taken. I'm now back at work following paternity leave beaming with something. It's extreme joy and pride. This new life rejuvenates inside of you. You can feel it, and it, my friend, is awesome!

I love being a dad (just typing that feels good). O.k., here comes some cliched comments about experiencing parenthood for the first time. You may have heard similar remarks from proud parents before...but only because they are true. It's been a mere two weeks and I've already forgotten what my life was like before. I now realize I was meant to do this. I'm also feeling some relief right now because not that long ago I was hesitant to take on this huge responsibility and give up certain freedoms that I've been accustomed to. It's sort of a gamble you take when you decide to have your first child. You doubt whether or not you're ready for the lifelong commitment and are uncertain about how you'll deal as you're thrown into this new, unknown reality. There's no way to know for sure, and therein lies the gamble.

I feel like I hit the jackpot in life. My baby girl is the best thing I've ever done. I've been introduced to a whole new level of love and a big piece of my heart now beats on in this crazy world. It should be an interesting ride from here on out, I'm lookin forward to it!