Valentines Day is coming up and in anticipation we asked for your terrible date or love gone wrong stories. Many of the submissions left us speechless. We are sharing our favorite stories leading up to Valentines Day then we will reveal the top four prize winners on Valentines Day. Click through to read some hilarious bad date stories.

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We hope you find these entertaining if not even a little bit educational.

Falling at his feet

It was my first official date in college, and I was getting ready upstairs in my townhouse bathroom. When my date arrived, my roommate opened the door and yelled to me that he was here. I started down the approximately 20 stairs, slipped and fell down all of the stairs to the bottom step, right at my date's feet. I wanted to die of embarrassment.

The smell of Horse Manure

My first kiss was a horrible experience. I was sweet 16 and never been kissed so I was extremely nervous. Me, my guy, and a couple of friends were hanging out at the fair when someone suggested that we go to one of our trailers and get some chairs and just sit around and hang out. There were lots of people walking around so we decided to go put the chairs in a friend's horse trailer and just hang out in there. There weren't enough chairs for everyone, so I sat on my crushes lap. He kept blowing in my ear. I eventually turned my head and he started kissing me...while everyone was watching! I was completely embarrassed! When we were finished, I told him that I had to go find my other friend and booked it out of the horse trailer. Ahhh, the smell of horse manure just brings back memories! hahaha

Reunion In The Theater

We met on e-Harmony We are both tall and made a sweet couple. We had been dating about a month and I was really beginning to like him. We went out to dinner at a nice spot for my birthday and had a bottle of wine. Then we went to a movie, "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". The movie was small and within 20 minutes of the movie a person came in, tapped him on his shoulder and he left. He returned alittle before the end of the movie. The person was his last girlfriend and she wanted to reunite. He was shocked and miffed in the moment but by morning it was clear, we were thru?

What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong?

One fine day I took this girl on a date a first, on my way to pick her up I got a flat tire so i changed it and got a little dirty doing it. She didn't mind. When I pulled into her parents drive way I noticed that another tire was low. Three weeks before this I just bought brand new tires. We went to eat and the debit cad machine did not work after our meal so she had to pay cause she was the only one with cash. We tried to get into a movie and the power went out. after all this i figured we just better call it a night. I took her back home and her uncle was there talking to her parents and backed into my pickup as he left. It was just a very special night.

Not In My Car!

A couple summers back I went against my best judgment and started dating a guy I had despised for a year before that. Things were ok at first, but with my luck it was bound to be a huge cluster soon and it was. We decided he'd stay the weekend with me and we'd go to the three forks street dance to celebrate with the rest of the world. Instead of heading to the rodeo first, I offered to make dinner for us. I'm normally a good cook, but this time I wanted to try a new seasoning and, having never used it before, didn't realize it would be so salty. I was informed of my mistake repeatedly with comments such as "you can't cook" and "this is the worst food I've ever had. It's too salty. You need to take lessons from my mom." Ok fine, that's not such a big deal, but as the night progressed he finished off an 18 pack of beer and things got worse. I should mention that he was app roximately 5'6" and I'm 5'8", plus he wore more gold jewelry than I even own, and he was from Iran (which he made clear, several drunken times, that he felt Americans were inferior.) So before we headed out, he took a shower to shave all the hair off his body. He then proceeded to tell me that I looked ok, but I'd never been a unique beauty like my roommate, who he was in love with, because she was exotic and I was too flawed. When I went to put on my shoes for the night he forbid me to wear heels, because he wasn't going to "accept any more flaws" in me since he'd already accepted that I was "fat." So I wore flats. Then on our way to three forks he had to pee and since there's no stops past manhattan and we were so close to three forks I asked him to hold it. He whipped out a bottle he had and peed into it, but if overflowed and he ended up peeing on my passenger side rug. When we finally got to the dance he wouldn't dance with me and even started a fight with a guy who loo ked twice at me. To finish it all off, he wouldn't let me drink more than 1 beverage AND he kissed two girls in front of me. When I got angry with him he told me I needed to "know my place in life." Let's just say we didn't last long after that.