Gallup's annual ranking of state job markets just came out. In 2014, employed North Dakota residents provided the most positive report regarding hiring conditions. Connecticut came in last, with workers there reporting the worst hiring climate. Where do you think Montana ranked?

Gallup's poll surveys Americans about their current employer in order to rank job creation. "Gallup's Job Creation Index is derived from full- and part-time workers' reports of whether their employer is hiring and expanding the size of its workforce, not making changes, or letting people go and reducing its workforce."

North Dakota was the #1 state in the union for jobs in 2014, followed by Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The bottom five (or worst states for job creation according to Gallup) were Connecticut, Alaska, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Maine. Montana was #37 (or the 14th worst state). See Gallup's complete 2014 breakdown