Have you registered for the Super Garage Sale on Saturday, May 18? Participate from the comfort of your own driveway and we'll advertise it for you. All you have to do is post pictures of what you have to offer and we'll bring the crowds! You'll be featured on our downloadable interactive map, complete with a description of your goods and services. I'm willing to bet that if you serve the right beverage, you'll see even bigger crowds.

Garage Sale-ing is gonna be the name of the game on Saturday, May 18. If you have some stuff you've been meaning to get rid of, participate in the Super Garage Sale. All of Townsquare Media Bozeman will be advertising it for you. If you're not confident that we'll get people to your garage sale on May 18, you might want to offer some extra incentive...and by that I mean tasty beverages. I know that's always the extra incentive I need. "Do you want to go to a Tupperware party, Rich?" "Hell to the No"...."They're serving those tasty drinks you really like"...."What time?" See what just happened there?

What drinks could you serve at The Super Garage Sale to ensure bigger profits? Think sunny day/putting a smile on a face and opening a wallet type of drink. Once you come up with your drink selection, remember you can let us know and we will advertise it on your map location! Below is an example of what people will see on our interactive map (actual map will go live on May 17th):

Super Garage Sale Saturday May 18th, All of Bozeman, Sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery and benefiting Warriors and Quiet Waters

Eventbrite - Bozeman Super Garage Sale

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