I enjoy emptying out my stocking on Christmas morning way more than unwrapping presents. I also don't really like Christmas shopping, except when it comes to finding stocking stuffers for my wife. We kind of have a long running competition going of who can fill that thing with the coolest little gifts for each other. Here are my top 3 places in town for stocking stuffers.

Cactus Records - It is Cactus Records Gifts & More, and they have the coolest little gifts around. You'll find everything from Turd Burds to rings that double as a bottle opener. A ton of other cool stuff too, like  Handerpants (Tighty Whitey Gloves) and Mr. Potato Head (Come on)...Not to mention, a good CD always makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

The Leaf & Bean - The Leaf and Bean has got some funny, unique magnets, stickers, journals, and more (check out their piggy banks!). Original, funny and festive is the key theme there this time of year (a definite stocking stuffer stop in town).

Hastings - Again, Hastings has cool, unique stuff...and they probably have the biggest variety of it. Everything from Beer Pong accessories to cool, new lunchboxes. Go to the back of the store and check it out!

Stuff a stocking the right way this year. Happy Holidays!