So, when Summer finally arrives, we are going to need to cool the hell down. What could be more American than a good old fashioned dip? Ha ha, Chuck Norris jokes are officially old, smartass. I have collected our best spots for local dunking.


Bogert Pool

Located on South Church Ave, this little slice of summer has been the source of children's screams pounding on neighbor's hangovers for many a year. Family friendly and more on the frenetic side of things, Bogert is a great place to splash y'self silly and ride the waterslide! The best part is that there is no limit to how many times you can slide down and there are three options: Corkscrew, Around the back and Straight shot. I am not sure which is my favorite, the last set of tests was inconclusive.


Bozeman Beach

Nestled in a bed of reeds and barbecue stands, this time honored polar bear spot is always nice in the sun. A good bit more serene than Bogert's cavalcade of kids, hot afternoons melt away easily with a good book, maybe some frisbee and a big cooler.


Norris Hot Springs

Worth the drive, worth the fee, worth staying sober. Norris, oh Norris. We all know how incredible the deep soak feels after a long day of climbing, biking or any other form of badassery. Maybe we could throw in a little bluegrass and a small bar? Yes, it is all there. Free entrance for designated drivers makes the distance from downtown slightly less harrowing, and if you are old enough to drink you should be old enough to know better anyways. Head west from Four Corners and drive along the river until you see the wooden stew pot filled with happy drunks.


Bozeman Swim center

For a traditional swimming experience there is always the Bozeman Swim Center. Located right next to the High School on Main Street, and includes a slide, diving board, life jackets and eight 50 meter swim lanes.


Bozeman Hotsprings

If you're looking for the hot waters of hot spring but can't afford the drive to Norris, Bozeman Hotsprings is your best choice. Not only are there blazing hot pools as well as cold pools, there is a large indoor pool and medium outdoor pool.

So now that we have the big three out of the way, we can move on into next week with hopes for sun and even some local swimming secrets. Peace.