It's about that time of year where the kids are out of school, the sun is shining bright and you just want some time to relax! Why not take the kids to a park where they can have fun and you relax in the sun or the shade. We've got our list of the best playgrounds in Bozeman from the eastern Bogart Park all the way over to the north western Dinosaur Park.

Bogart Park

This well known Bozeman park has just anything you could need in a playground/park. There is an open field for sports as well as shelter in case of rain or just to enjoy the shade. The playground consists of one of if not the best 2-5 year old playgrounds that is safe enough to let the little ones roam.

Next to the toddlers' playground is the big kids playground with fun metal obstacles to climb and hang from as well as some classic swing sets.

School Park

While we don't have any images of this playground yet, it is worthe mentioning. Right off of Mendenhall and Church, this school has a killer playground. Wood chip bedding that's easy on the feet and the clean up afterwards. And I really wish we had photos because some of the features are difficult to explain. One is an offset wheel that is about 6 feet in diameter and when you run on it, it begins to spin. Somewhat like a horizontal hamster wheel, if that puts a good picture in your mind! Stay tuned for pictures.

Valley Unit Park

This park is one of my favorites as an adult because it contains a stream through the middle of it and is usually pretty empty. The playground portion is pretty small but contains the necessities: slides, monkey bars, and swings.

And right next to it is a full court basketball court with clear plastic backboards and a giant field for any kickball or soccer.

Farmall and Durham Street Park

This park is relatively new and right in the middle of a neighborhood. This is great because neighboring kids can always see if someone is out there and come and join in playing. The j8ngle gym portion is pretty great too. It contains slides, steps, multilayer bars, and one of those circled polls you can sit on and spin around until you're at the bottom! I loved those as a kid. There is plenty of nice benches and picnic tables around to sit all in clear view of the action going on in the playground.

Also there is a large park and basketball court right next to the playground.

Dinosaur Park

Easily the fan favorite of Bozeman. This park that was built entirely by volunteers caters to all kids and imaginations. It gets its name from the theme the park designers chose. With images of dinosaurs all around, kids will most likely be making up hiding spots from the predators and yelling as they run from obstacle to obstacle. The images really speak for themselves, give it a look in the gallery below.

There is also a much more tame portion of the park for the wee little ones that might be just a little too y0ung for big kid side.