Downtown Bozeman is where you can find the Boar's Head After Party tonight. Plonk Wine Bar is easy to find on the North side of Main Street, and I'll be easy to find because that picture is my dress. Or part of it anyway. The ladies are gettin' dolled up tonight as it's a fancier affair than you'll usually find.

Live music, great people and a cool location. Winter Storm Watch be damned. This is Bozeman and we're tougher than most, especially the ladies (me) who just bought new 3 inch black boots. It's free to get in with music from Fire Fly. 8pm to 11pm is when it's open to the public. (Yeah, there's a special foo-foo guest list only thing before 8pm so unless you're on that list don't bother.) BUT the band is great and again, it's free.

So come enjoy yourself. I'd love to see you. I don't wear 3 inch boots very often. - Michelle