The Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway is still experiencing some flooding due to ice jams. The Flood Warning will remain in effect until further notice. Details here:
Flooding continues along a portion of the Gallatin
river... affecting locations along Axtell-Gateway Road... from Gateway
south Road... to Deer Spring Lane.

A portion of the Gallatin river is being blocked by an ice
jam... resulting in water coming out of its bank and flooding
adjacent areas next to the Gallatin river.

Ice jams are unpredictable... and this Flood Warning will remain in
effect until the ice jam breaks up and the water returns to the
normal waterway.

A Flood Warning means that flooding is imminent or has been reported.

Do not drive your vehicle into areas where the water covers the
roadway. The water depth may be too great to allow your car to cross
safely. Turn around, don't drown.

River in Winter