According to the City of Bozeman, the Bozeman Police Department came "four steps" closer to their allocated staffing of 65 police officers by swearing in four new officers.

Denise Bontrager, Matthew Slayton, Obadiah Rouse and Quinn Ellingson officially joined the ranks of the department after being sworn in by City Manager Chris Kukulski.

Two of these officers will begin the department’s Field Training and Evaluation Program next week, while the other two will be attending the 12 week Montana Law Enforcement Basic Academy in Helena.

With the addition of these officers, the Bozeman Police Department currently has 63 police officers. In 2007, voters in Bozeman approved hiring 13 police officers to staff the police department to 65 sworn officers. The Bozeman Police Department will be looking to hire the remaining two vacancies by the end of this year.