Find Out How Old Google Thinks You Are
It should come as no surprise that Google monitors all your online activity for their own personal gain. At least now we can see if they made accurate presumptions about us. Find out if Google guessed your age, gender and interests correctly:
What Does Your Fridge Say About You?
I'd be willing to bet your fridge say A LOT about you. It tells whether you actually shop for groceries, if you save leftovers and if you're always prepared for company. (Hence the copious amounts of vodka.)
10 Surprising Uses for Toothpaste
When you’re brushing your teeth, it can be almost impossible to contain the toothpaste only to your brush. Somehow it ends up on the mirror, in the sink, maybe even on your hands.
It seems like the only good place for that paste is in your mouth, but as it turns out, there are a lot of other places y…
Popular Baby Bumbo Seat Recalled
So weird to this consumer alert today, considering my wife and I just introduced a Bumbo to our 4 month-old. Bumbo International is recalling the popular baby seats after after various reports of infants who fell out of them. Details here:
Be Aware Of Door-To-Door Asphalt Paving Scam
Last month a guy pulled up to my house in an unmarked truck, offering to pave my driveway at a ridiculously low price. He said he had just finished a paving job nearby and had a bunch of leftover asphalt that he needed to get rid of. Thankfully I heard my dad's voice in my head saying, &quo…
10 Amazing Tips and Tricks to Make You a Grill Master
The sun is out, your friends are over and the kids are splashing around in the pool. Ah yes, it’s summertime, and you’re just dying to break out your grill or smoker and throw an amazing barbeque party in your backyard, at the beach, or wherever you happen to be.
The City Of Bozeman And Gallatin County Activate Burn Ban
The Gallatin County Commission has issued a resolution declaring Gallatin County to have Stage One Fire Restrictions. This means you can not conduct any activities that may cause fires which includes Fireworks. During the 4th of July, this ban will be lifted unless conditions change. Belo…

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