Montana Fireworks Safety Tips [VIDEO]
With the current dry conditions around Gallatin County, it is particularly important to follow these firework safety tips to have a safe and enjoyable upcoming 4th of July weekend.
Check out this video from your local fire service.
New Easy Baby Burping Method – [VIDEO]
Hey, I'm days away from welcoming a new baby...these are the YouTube videos I'm currently watching. This one came highly recommended. A super easy burping method that is way faster and more effective (I can only hope)!
7 Annoying Toddler Behaviors That May Be Beneficial to Them
As the parent of a 2-year-old terrorist, I found a recent article from Pick Any Two to be very interesting. If you also have (or had) a toddler, you can't (couldn't) help but occasionally finding yourself annoyed by their ways. For example, by the temper tantrums and the mess they tend to leave behi…
Best Albums of 2014 – Rich Ledoux
What do I know? I do know it's that time of the year and my favorite "Best Of" List is Albums of the Year...and I at least like to think I know good music when I hear it. Here's my Top 5 Albums of 2014 (in no particular order):

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