‘The Ultimate Christmas Movie Supercut’ – [VIDEO]
Have you dove into the Christmas section of your DVD collection yet? posted a Christmas movie montage called "The Ultimate Christmas Movie Supercut" that should get you motivated. It seems to have covered all of the favorites in our household. Check it out:
Michelle’s Holiday Desk Makeover (Take 2)
O.k., we thought Michelle (our resident Scrooge) was going to be a little upset by our first holiday desk makeover...instead she called it "amateur hour". She'll see this little present first thing tomorrow morning. Do you think she'll be impressed? Also, check out what w…
Michelle’s Holiday Desk Makeover
Your sweet morning show host isn't exactly the holiday decorating type. Ironically, she shares an office here with someone who is on the exact opposite side of that spectrum. It's been quite amusing to watch that play out and really bring out Wolfe's inner Scrooge. So, we decided to g…
How To Elf Yourself [VIDEO]
Christmastime means it's "Elf Yourself" time! You've probably seen it, but if you've never elfed yourself we've got the website to do it and a video to help if you have trouble. No better way to waste 20 minutes at the office!
ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas TV Guide
What are your favorite Christmas movies? ABC Family is doing 25+ days of Christmas featuring many popular movie favorites. The Santa Clause, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Fred Claus and many more will be airing from November 20th until Christmas Day…

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