March Madness – By the Numbers
The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is quickly approaching, and personal finance website WalletHub released its March Madness 2016 By The Numbers report, which breaks down this billion-dollar basketball, betting and business craziness:
Valentine’s Day 2016 By The Numbers
Valentine’s Day is the third largest consumer holiday in the United States in terms of dollars. The personal finance experts at WalletHub are projecting that this year's total Valentine's Day spending will be $19.7 Billion. Here are some other interesting projecti…
Property Tax Seminar in Bozeman on Feb. 3
Property taxes in Montana are some of the oldest on record and not often clear to many of us. The Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Montana is coming to Bozeman on February 3rd.
MSU Accounting Students to Offer FREE Tax Help
Accounting students from Montana State University’s Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship are offering free help preparing tax returns for MSU students and individuals who made less than $58,000 last year, starting in February.
Have You Got $500 Bucks?
Saving money is hard. There is no way I can sugarcoat it for you. You are going to have to do without some things you like to save your future.
First World Problems: Too Many Magazines
I've been known to take a few thing to excess over the years but at least this latest compulsive behavior isn't harmful to my health. Plus, the subjects at hand get recycled a few times before ACTUALLY getting recycled so it could be worse.
Affordable Housing in Bozeman: Let’s do the Math
Does anyone remember the housing collapse in 2008? It seems that we are off and running again on housing in the Gallatin Valley, treating 2008 as a bad dream that never happened.
At least, the new home buyers are treating it that way, which has sparked a steady rise in housing costs once again...

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