It’s Dungeness Season At The Wolfe Household
The Wolfe family is from the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up in a place that offers up one of the most delicious oceanic culinary treats: The Dungeness Crab. It's perhaps my favorite thing on the planet, besides Cheez-It's and Budweiser.
Moose VIPs New & Old Get Everything
You may already be a MOOSE VIP. You may not be. If you're NOT - I'm going to bribe you into being one. It's no small secret that my desk might be one of the best desks to have in Bozeman. Not because the desk itself is cool but because of the awesome amount of free stuff that's lurking there. And I'…
Chex Mix Disaster
I have resigned myself to knowing I'm the only female on the planet who is not capable of making Chex Mix. Unfortunate, since it's my absolute favorite snack.
A Friday Night In Livingston, Montana
Livingston is one of my top 5 places on the planet to hang out. In fact, my family used to have a house on the Yellowstone River several years back, making Livingston somewhat of a second home to me in the mid nineties. But back then it was more about the fishing. Now it's about the city, the p…
Manhattan Potato Festival This Saturday, August 17
Ah, those Manhattan spuds! Don't miss the 26th annual Manhattan Potato Festival on Saturday, August 17. Lot's of fun activities for all ages, including a 5K/10K, breakfast, parade, duck races, live music, the Tasty Tators Potato Cookoff, a Kid's Fun Center and more!
If You’re A Dude, Don’t Bother Reading This
My father is trying to crush my soul. How you ask? By stocking his kitchen with as much tasty, fattening, delicious things as possible. This is no longer a joke as much as a daily mental challenge to not inhale 5 pieces of chocolate covered toffee. He's an old man who can eat whatever the hell …
Resolving Not To Cook
There's been a lot of talk in recent days around our office about how we want to change. (The list that my co-workers have suggested for me is quite large.) Anyway, I plan on not buying more food. At least not for the next couple of weeks. The Wolfe house is STOCKED with too much darned food.

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