My New Favorite Bulb: Miniature Twinkle Toes
Twinkle Toes seem to do fairly well in the Bozeman area as a perennial bulb and THESE little guys are my new favorite. They bloom early. They weather through snow. They're pretty and they last several weeks.
Sunflowers, Basil Best Seeds To Grow With Kids
Spring is a great time to spend with kids learning the basics of gardening. There are several easy-to-grow options that you can start inside for almost instant results. The more results kids see, the more interested they become.
We’re Making Pickles This Year! [VIDEO]
I have several gardening experiments every season. This year it happens to be cucumbers so that we can make our own pickles. Never mind that Greg doesn't like pickles but I do and I've already got the cukes started!
Confessions Of A Seed Addict
Gardening is a hobby. A profession for some, but most of us just enjoy the simplicity of growing herbs, vegetables, flowers and other plants because we CAN.
Bulbs Coming Up Too Early?
Bozeman's warm weather is forcing the bulbs in our gardens to come up too early! We talked with the experts about what you can do to protect them.
Time Lapse Sunflower Seedling [VIDEO]
This time of year is tough for gardeners and to celebrate the two trays of seeds that I planted today, here's a quick video of one the EASIEST flowers to start indoors - Sunflowers!

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