The MOOSE Flower Greenhouse Taking Orders
You probably know by now that I'm a gardening junkie. My experience is purely trial and error but as a MOOSE listener you'll now be able to get free flower seedlings straight from me. Why?
Bozeman Leaf Pick Up Schedule 2014
Bozeman leaf pick up has begun! We've got the entire schedule right here for your convenience. Pick up starts in the "Subdivision Areas" on October 29th and in the "Core" on November 3rd.
What’s The Best Landscape Hedge For Bozeman?
I need your opinion. What hedge or ornamental bush grows well and LOOKS GOOD in the Bozeman area? I'd like something that changes with the seasons, perhaps something red in the Fall. We tore out the half dead, decades old landscaping so now I've got a blank slate!
Beautiful Bozeman Trellis [PHOTOS]
Fall is arguably the most beautiful time of year in the Bozeman area. One quick cold snap and everything changes color overnight. Today I found a stunning display on a huge porch trellis.

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