Can Being Cold Really Make You Sick? [VIDEO]
I've always scoffed at the notion that being cold will make you catch a cold. We have heard this multiple times through warnings our entire lives. But what is the truth about being cold and catching a cold?
Do You Use Anti-Bacterial Soap?
After years of legal battles, environmentalists have won a small battle against anti-bacterial soap. Anti-bacterial soap claims to prevent germs and illness by killing over 99% of germs. But groups like Natural Resources Defense Council are worried about the drug-resistant bacteria potentially caus…
Over 370 Minutes of Massage Available in This Week’s Auction
Looking for a great way to relax and release this winter? Out of the Cocoon Natural Healing is offering five 75-minute Integrative Reflexology Sessions which include massage techniques, pressure points, and the reflexology foot map at 60% off. You'll feel really good after you get this dea…
What Is A POLST Form? Or The 5 Wishes?
Advanced Directives shouldn't be a scary term. Knowing and SHARING what you want to have happen to you when a serious illness strikes is terribly important to medical staff and more importantly, your family.
Cupping Balls for Cancer [VIDEO]
Last month, there was a video of a group of guys motorboating women's boobs to raise money for breast cancer research that offended a lot of women. Well, this month is "Movember", which is all about raising money for cancers that affect men. The group of women in this new vide…

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