Do You Use Anti-Bacterial Soap?
After years of legal battles, environmentalists have won a small battle against anti-bacterial soap. Anti-bacterial soap claims to prevent germs and illness by killing over 99% of germs. But groups like Natural Resources Defense Council are worried about the drug-resistant bacteria potentially caus…
Over 370 Minutes of Massage Available in This Week’s Auction
Looking for a great way to relax and release this winter? Out of the Cocoon Natural Healing is offering five 75-minute Integrative Reflexology Sessions which include massage techniques, pressure points, and the reflexology foot map at 60% off. You'll feel really good after you get this dea…
What Is A POLST Form? Or The 5 Wishes?
Advanced Directives shouldn't be a scary term. Knowing and SHARING what you want to have happen to you when a serious illness strikes is terribly important to medical staff and more importantly, your family.
Cupping Balls for Cancer [VIDEO]
Last month, there was a video of a group of guys motorboating women's boobs to raise money for breast cancer research that offended a lot of women. Well, this month is "Movember", which is all about raising money for cancers that affect men. The group of women in this new vide…
The Best and Worst Foods to Eat Before Bed
If you're not sleeping well these days, maybe you need to switch up your eating habits (especially what you're eating close to bedtime). You always hear that you shouldn't eat anything before bed, but there may be some foods that actually help you sleep better. Yahoo has a list of the…
Flu And Cold Season Has Begun
You've probably had a round or two of crud stream through your workplace already this season. We have too. However, nobody has contracted whatever strain of flu we're supposed to see the season as of yet.

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