Did A Number On Your Liver This Weekend? Do It A Favor [VIDEO]
We could all spend a little more time watching what we eat and drink, but few people realize just how important it is to take good care of your liver. It's not just booze that your liver deals has the burden of dealing with ALL the toxins you shovel into your face.
How To Do Yoga With Your Cat [VIDEO]
My wife does a lot of yoga at home. That can be a challenge for her (and great entertainment for me) with two dogs and two cats. All four of our animals think mommy's yoga mat is a playtime gauntlet. She'll probably have to always shut the dogs away when doing yoga at home but maybe the cats just wa…
Stephen Jepson’s Motto: Never Leave The Playground [VIDEO]
Meet Stephen Jepson. This elderly gentleman can only be classified as such due to the time spent on this planet. He believes the key to a long and healthy life is in the games and activities of our youth. He has reverted his life while converting his home into an incredible playground! I kind of alw…
Licking Your Child’s Pacifier May Be The Best Way To Clean It
As the parent of a child who uses a pacifier, or binky as we call it, some new research out of Sweden has made me happy. A new study found that when parents at least occasionally cleaned pacifiers by licking or sucking them (which is the category my wife and myself fall under, by the way) rather tha…

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