15 Epically Passive Aggressive Office Notes
When you're working in close quarters with the same people for long periods of time, the air can get a bit hostile now and then. While there's no way everyone in an office can get along perfectly, there are a few employees who find it hard to tolerate offensive actions, like eating other p…
First Sniff (First Kiss Parody) is Hilarious [VIDEO]
By now, I'm sure you're one of the millions of people who has viewed the "First Kiss" YouTube sensation, which shows several strangers kissing for the first time. Well, check out what happens when strange dogs sniff each other for the first time:
ATM Robbery Prank Gone Wrong [VIDEO]
Need another example of how stupid kids can be? Check out this "prank" these two idiots from Australia pulled. "The purpose of this video was to see who would try and stop a robbery if they witnessed one happening in front of them". This fun little social experime…

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