Rocky Training Without Music Is Pretty Uninspiring [VIDEO]
Who could forget Rocky flying up the stone steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Rocky I (and then in II, III, and V) to the song "Gonna Fly Now"? It really brought home those inspiring training montages. What would happen if you stripped away the song and added some "…
Best Drum Battle Ever: Buddy Rich vs. Animal [VIDEO]
With Dave Grohl set to face off against Animal in a drum battle on an upcoming episode of The Muppets, let us not forget this truly epic drum battle on the orginal The Muppet Show back in 1981. Watch the late Buddy Rich, "the world's greatest drummer," school Animal!
Broad Comedy is Coming Back to Bozeman
The Broads are back with an all new show. Broad Comedy, Bozeman’s loveable and provocative women’s musical satire and sketch comedy show, hits the Emerson Cultural Center this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
First World Thankfulness
Before we get into the season of honest and from-the-heart daily 'Thankful' posts, I'll share with you an interesting but thought provoking conversation we had the other day.
Meet Your Drunk Neighbor, Donald Trump [VIDEO]
I usually try to refrain from posting anything politically related, but this was too hilarious to pass up. Someone took actual Donald Trump sound bites to use as dialogue in a typical scene from across your street on a Friday night...if you're neighbor was a raging alcoholic. Whether you suppor…

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