Watch This Homeless Veteran’s Timelapse Transformation [VIDEO]
I guess change can start from the outside in. This homeless veteran who struggles with alcoholism was given a makeover and has since taken back some control over his life, for the first time in decades. I wish we could do more for all of our veterans who have served our country. Check out this amazi…
Rafiki From Lion King Offers 10 Famous Quotes of Inspiration
Rafiki is everyone's undisputed favorite mandrill. He raised Symba and basically ran the animal kingdom from behind the scenes. How did he do this? It was his profound wisdom of course. And here he is to expound a bit of that wisdom onto us through popular and inspirational quotes from real lif…
Girl Documents Learning to Dance Over a Span of One Year [VIDEO]
You say you can't dance? Maybe you just need to give it some time. That's what karenxcheng did and she videoed it to prove how much she improved. She goes on to say that you don't have to train for years to become a great dancer but "you must be willing to practice and you be…
The Making Of TEDx Bozeman [VIDEO]
This past March, Bozeman hosted the only Montana based TED event with TEDx Bozeman. The event was far more than successful, it was filled with IMPACT...offering some of the most innovative speakers and participants around. Watch what it took to create this event in our own backyard!

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