Girl Documents Learning to Dance Over a Span of One Year [VIDEO]
You say you can't dance? Maybe you just need to give it some time. That's what karenxcheng did and she videoed it to prove how much she improved. She goes on to say that you don't have to train for years to become a great dancer but "you must be willing to practice and you be…
The Making Of TEDx Bozeman [VIDEO]
This past March, Bozeman hosted the only Montana based TED event with TEDx Bozeman. The event was far more than successful, it was filled with IMPACT...offering some of the most innovative speakers and participants around. Watch what it took to create this event in our own backyard!
Save Olympic Wrestling [VIDEO]
In the wake of the IOC's recent recommendation that wrestling be pulled from the Olympics beginning in 2020, an overwhelming outcry of support has surfaced from the wrestling community. I think this video, presented by Wrestling With Iowa, best sums up the benefits of the sport and why removing it f…
Reddit Wants to Help You Be a Better Person
Reddit is a website that varies from funny baby videos to heavy political debate. As long as the content is worthy enough to be up voted it will make it to the front page. Today's front page had a fun post asking, "What is your best "don't knock it till you try it?" The answers ranged…

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