What Is the Richest Country? Hint – It’s Not the US
The United States is often touted as being one of the richest countries in the world, but compared to many other nations, it seems we have some serious catching up to do. In fact, in a new Forbes list of the wealthiest lands on the globe, the US didn’t even place in the top five.
Southwest Airlines Two Free Airlines Tickets On Facebook – A Scam?
The title of the event is 'First 15,000 Attendants Get Two Free Tickets - US Travel Only', sounds great doesn't it? I went through a few steps and then read the small print and in order to receive the tickets you need to grant advertisers access to text or call your cell phone. These …
Billings Police Department to Auction Items Through Online Website
Ever wonder where seized items end up? Police departments seize evidence and unclaimed items all the time and after an allotted time, they are allowed to sell them, usually for pretty cheap. While the traditional method was to hold auctions at town halls or ball rooms, now Montana Police departments…

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