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Rob Cantor – ‘All I Need Is You’ [VIDEO]
Check out this cool music video, composed entirely of GIF files found online. It's amazing how they were put together to work with the song and tell a story the song alone may not have. It accomplishes what music videos should in that regard. I love it!world
Coldplay Release New Video – ‘Magic’ [VIDEO]
Coldplay pay homage to a classic movie in their new video for "Magic", with its artsy black-and-white footage, circus setting and old-fashioned title cards. The video stars Ziyi Zhang ('Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon') as a magician and Chris Martin as her husband and ass…
U2 Release Cool New Video for ‘Invisible’ – [VIDEO]
In over three decades of U2 videos, their new video for "Invisible" may be the coolest one yet. This Mark Romanek-directed video was shot over three days in a California airport hangar. You may have caught part of it already during this year's Super Bowl, in an ad to support t…
Ron Jeremy’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ [VIDEO]
Here's something no one was expecting. Or wanting. Porn legend Ron Jeremy made a shot-for-shot remake of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" music video. He also sings it...really badly. So, if you'd like to see close-up shots of a hairy, fat 60-year-old ex-porn star liking…
New Acoustic John Butler Trio “Livin’ In City” [VIDEO]
Spruce Moose Festival alumni, the John Butler Trio, are back with a brand new album "Flesh & Blood" to be released next month. They're also in the U.S. through February 23rd with tour dates! (Michelle gets to see them in California, but you can catch them in Missoula!)

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