“The Bourne Legacy” Trailer [VIDEO]
A new series of Bourne movies without Matt Damon begins this summer when "The Bourne Legacy" hits theaters. Jeremy Renner takes over as the new rogue hero, Edward Norton also stars. The trailer got me interested! Take a look and see what you think.
Super Bowl XLVI Highlights
Well for me the highlight was definitely the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl! Mario Mannigham's catch during the game winning drive and Ahmad Bradshaw's turn-around-and-roll-backwards-into-the-end-zone-nail-in-the-coffin touchdown was pretty sweet too. But some other highlights incl…
How To Prepare For The Facebook Timeline Switch
It's official, the Facebook Timeline switch is coming for all of our accounts within the next few weeks... whether we like it or not. I found an interesting article in TIME Techland that listed 5 specific steps we can take in the meantime to help protect our privacy.
Americans Are Expected To Eat A LOT Of Wings This Super Bowl
The PR Newswire reported that, based on food sales, the Super Bowl is the second-biggest eating day of the year in this country (second only to Thanksgiving). Chicken wings are a popular Super Bowl food and The National Chicken Council projected just how many wings Americans will eat during this yea…
Ski Conditions In Big Sky This Weekend Were Awesome!
I've kind of been in a great mood since yesterday. I skied Moonlight Basin, which turned out to be a great call. The conditions were groomers, powder, and POWDER! It also dumped on us the whole time. Now that's what I've been waiting for!
Chinese Shoppers Fire Eggs At Beijing Apple Store In Disgust
Apple Inc's latest iPhone 4S, with voice-activated technology, was introduced to China today with great anticipation. Hundreds of people who couldn't wait to get their hands on the new phone were lined up outside Apple's flagship Beijing store before it opened, but fears of chaos caused the store to…

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