The Girl Scouts Are Introducing A New Cookie This Cookie Season
I'm a huge fan of Girl Scout cookies. I buy the popcorn when a Boy Scout shows up at my door, but only to donate. The Girl Scouts get more money because of the unbelievable product they have (I don't like popcorn, sorry Boy Scouts of America). I'm a little pumped to try a new cookie t…
Does Valentine’s Day Hold Any Weight On Your Calender?
The holiday season from late November right into January is great. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, it's all gravy...and turkey, and cookies, and chocolate. I love the holiday season but it's a lot of indulgence. It's extra food, alcohol, and (dare I say) giving. It leaves you a bit exhausted. I…
Dave’s Killer Bread, No Better Way To Describe It
My wife and I came across this bread awhile back that we both love called Dave's Killer Bread. We used to find it at Albertson's, but they quickly stopped carrying it. Rosauers had it for a small amount of time before, yet again, this heavenly bread was taken from us. When I recently found…
Worst Persons Of 2011? [VIDEO]
We here at the Moose don't want to openly criticize anyone involved in politics...we're smarter than that, we'll let Keith Olbermann do it. Check out this video!
Christmas Is The Gift
I was born and raised on the other side of the country, where my family and a lot of friends still reside, so I don't have many loved ones here in Montana. That has created a whole new holiday experience for me and my wife (who is in the same boat).
A Holiday Tip – Be Generous
The Holiday season is all about giving. I think we should all try to donate whatever we can..our time, money, food, etc. Let's address that second one for a moment. Money. It really can be the root of all evil. Did we not learn anything from A Christmas Carol?

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