Best Chistmas Albums – Rich’s Top 8
We'll officially flip the calender to December on Thursday, so dust off those Christmas albums (or stop skipping those Christmas tunes on your iPod). What Christmas/Holiday albums get airplay in your house (if any) in December? Here are some of my favorites.
Buy Local This Saturday, November 26th!
You should always try to buy locally, keep money in your community so that it prospers, but let's all make a pledge to do that this Saturday. The second annual Small Business Saturday is November 26, 2011. Make a pledge to get some Holiday shopping done this Saturday if you can, and shop small!…
Intuition, A Powerful Gift
I recently read a very interesting analogy that I'd like to share. This just made a lot of sense to me. The moral of the story is to trust your intuition, and my intuition tells me that you'll find this interesting too because you will also relate. Has something like this every h…
Detroit Lion Fans Petition To Stop Nickelback From Performing
Nickelback was chosen to perform during the halftime show at this year's Thanksgiving game between the Packers and Lions in Detroit, much to the dismay of many local fans. The game will be nationally televised and apparently many Detroit natives don't want the rest of the country associating their c…
Should Halloween Be Moved To The Last Saturday In October?
An interesting proposal was recently made by a Connecticut (home state shout out) lawmaker, who suggested changing the date of Halloween. He wants his state (and hopefully the whole country) to move Halloween, so that it falls on the last Saturday in October. I don't know, I'm personally thinking it…
Southwest Montana, A Pure Gift
I just returned from another visit to my home state of Connecticut and although I love going back there to visit, I missed Montana (the one I now proudly call home). How about another reason why I love this place? Let me first begin with a disclaimer to my mother.
Things That Annoy Me Way More Than They Should
I consider myself a very chill, peaceful, relaxed individual but certain little things still get under my skin. There might even be enough little things that annoy me to make this a regular segment (maybe I need to reconsider my chill status). Here's an example:

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