At Least Bozeman Folks Are Honest
We may not always agree, but I've always appreciated the openness and straightforwardness of people who live in Bozeman. Occasionally I find it to be so PC that it hurts, but then I'll catch something like this...
Call Deer Lodge Murder What It Is: Domestic Violence
Yesterday I was in a hot rage.
I awoke to headline after headline about a murder-suicide near Deer Lodge where a man shot and killed his partner, their three children then himself. That horrible news struck a nerve, but what made things worse were the headlines associated with the story on its third …
Titillating Tidbits About Turkeys and Thanksgiving
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Let the shopping frenzy begin. Thanksgiving Day. What are you thankful for this year? Was it the year you thought it would be?
Did fun or interesting things happen to you...

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