The Best Celebrity Music Video Cameos [VIDEOS]
You gotta love a celebrity in a music video. The bigger the better, because obviously the celeb isn't doing it for the money. Whether it's the love of the music or the artist, it's kinda cool. Here's my top ten list of celebrity music video cameos:
What Age Do You Think Kids Should Stop Trick-Or-Treating?
No one giving out candy on Halloween likes when high school kids show up at their door with some mediocre costume they just slapped together demanding the candy they bought for cute little kids. So I ask you, what age should you persuade your kid to stop trick-or-treating?
Music, A Gift Of Life
My 5 month-old just had her first music class last night. My wife and I enrolled her in this great program at Belgrade Music Academy. Pass on the gift of music early and often, they're never too young!
Why Aren’t There More Olympic Movies? [VIDEO]
I love the Olympics, in particular the Summer Olympics. Every four years I get way caught up in the back-story drama (NBC, I know what you're doing but I still love it). With all the real life drama behind what it takes to compete in the Olympics and win a medal, why hasn't this been reena…
Best Album Covers Of All Time
What do you think was the best album cover ever created? Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon?, The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? Whatta ya got?
Has The Floating Season Begun Yet This Year?
We Montanans pride ourselves on "toughing it out". We're used to how Mother Nature treats us and we don't let the weather affect most of our hobbies...that is, most hobbies. Who out there has been floating this year?

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