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Reason #137 My Co-Workers Are Awesome
On the rare occasion that I find the urge to bitch about my job, all I have to do is stop and think about what it is I get to do for a paycheck....or look around. I am surrounded by genuinely GOOD people. This little nugget of a breakfast sandwich from Bagel Works was waiting for me when I walked in…
The Microwave Grape Trick (We Had To See For Ourselves) [VIDEO]
The Moose crew needed to find out if an enclosed microwaved grape (cut just right) really created a spark. Have you heard about or seen this yet? It has to do with the way electromagnetic radiation passes through the skin of a grape. Here's more on that and video of our little science experimen…
I Love Holiday Cards
Seriously. I love writing them. I love getting them. In fact, I'm not sure anyone in my office has sent any yet besides me. So if you'd like me to send you one, let me know. My Sharpie is standing by.
Michelle’s Holiday Desk Makeover (Take 2)
O.k., we thought Michelle (our resident Scrooge) was going to be a little upset by our first holiday desk makeover...instead she called it "amateur hour". She'll see this little present first thing tomorrow morning. Do you think she'll be impressed? Also, check out what w…
Flu And Cold Season Has Begun
You've probably had a round or two of crud stream through your workplace already this season. We have too. However, nobody has contracted whatever strain of flu we're supposed to see the season as of yet.
Chaos Is Brilliance, Right?
Although I'm fairly well known as being picky, bossy, snappy and significantly OCD, my desk is always trashed. Without exception. On any given day of the week it will be piled with music, papers, mail, coffee cups, candy, whatever.
Stellar Office Pranks [VIDEO]
I despise office pranks. HOWEVER, there has been a slew of them in our corner of the world recently including a hollowed out Reese's Peanut Butter Cup re-filled with wasabe.
The MOOSE Is Looking For Interns
Do you know of a Bozeman High School or Montana State University student who is looking to earn some credit as an intern? If so, we want to talk to them!

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