Southwest Montana, A Pure Gift
I just returned from another visit to my home state of Connecticut and although I love going back there to visit, I missed Montana (the one I now proudly call home). How about another reason why I love this place? Let me first begin with a disclaimer to my mother.
Sunday Brunch- 9.25.11- The Artists Way
Now that the busy Summer  wedding season has wrapped up, I will get some time to engage other creative ventures for awhile. It serves to refresh, enliven and inspire all the rest. If you are in a shoulder season as well-  I have a suggestion for you,  if I might...
Things That Annoy Me Way More Than They Should
I consider myself a very chill, peaceful, relaxed individual but certain little things still get under my skin. There might even be enough little things that annoy me to make this a regular segment (maybe I need to reconsider my chill status). Here's an example:
I Love Me Some Big Sky!
I'm looking forward to the Spruce Moose Festival this weekend for obvious reasons but I love driving up to Big Sky for anything for one main reason...just that, the drive up.
Reason #428 Why I Love Summers In Bozeman: Mountain Biking
I'm not much of a mountain biker but a friend of mine has really been getting into it this summer and convinced me to dust off my old bike and join him for a ride yesterday. We biked Leverich Canyon Trail and I had no idea what I committed to until I began that ascent.
My Dad Taught Robert DeNiro How To Fish
My dad is cooler than your dad, he not only met DeNiro, but taught him how to fish. Robert DeNiro is my favorite actor of all time and I still can't get over the fact that my old man actually taught him how to fish! Here's the story:
With August Comes Good Times In Bozeman
I heard a community gasp let out yesterday with the arrival of August....Gasp... "Not much summer left"....Gasp (something along those lines).  Let us not forget, with the arrival of August on your wall or desk calenders comes all sorts of fun activities in Bozeman. Right…
Sunday Brunch Bonus- An Excellent Life- Mean Girls
There will always be people out there who try to pull you down, slow you down and downright insult who you are for the silliest of reasons.  What about the ones who kick you- and kick you hard- while you are down? There will always be someone out there judging who you are and what you stan…
Michelle Wolfe’s Bucket List Items – Part 1
There are a lot of things I want to do before I get hit by a bus. Hence, my own Bucket List. These are just a few, big and small. (I think it's crucial to have small ones on there too so you can actually check as few off before you hear the horn.)
The Many Benefits Of Summer In Bozeman
With summer now officially underway, let me count the ways. This season is just so good for the mind and body (soak in that vitamin D while using the outdoors as your gym people). And my good people of Montana, don't forget the sunscreen (it's been a long winter once again)...

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