Simple Ways to Annoy a Toddler
I recently came across a funny list of '25 Ways To Annoy A Toddler.' A lot of them certainly apply to my 3-year-old, but I have more to add. Raising a toddler can be like hanging out with a pint-sized terrorist at times. Sometimes just the wrong facial expression can land you in hot water.
3 Things Every New Parent Should Know
My wife and I just welcomed our second child, almost exactly three years after our first. There was a lot of newborn stuff I somehow had forgotten. Here are three slightly annoying things that (have no fear) WILL change.
New Easy Baby Burping Method – [VIDEO]
Hey, I'm days away from welcoming a new baby...these are the YouTube videos I'm currently watching. This one came highly recommended. A super easy burping method that is way faster and more effective (I can only hope)!
Cyber Spying, Identity Theft – You And
I realize that I'm somewhat of a public figure (for better or worse) but I'm also fond of my privacy. You know, stuff that just isn't anyone's business. Do yourself a favor and check out the website I hate the most, because you're probably on it. And then we can both hate it…
PBR Schwag Rocks!
You can easily spot me under the Moose tent on Thursday night at Music on Main. I'm the one rockin' some sort of Pabst Blue Riboon gear at this PBR-sponsored event. I ran into someone last Thursday night who is married to a gentleman who happens to work for Cardinal Distrubting (who happens to disti…

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