I Love Holiday Cards
Seriously. I love writing them. I love getting them. In fact, I'm not sure anyone in my office has sent any yet besides me. So if you'd like me to send you one, let me know. My Sharpie is standing by.
Everything Old… indeed new again. Perhaps it's the time of year where I tend to spend time going through old things and "organizing" my life's treasures. We've all got those boxes of stuff that you keep, not necessarily on display but they're great pieces of your life. I&…
Holiday Parties
Holiday parties scare me a little. Ask anyone. It's the time of year where many folks go a little overboard with the "cheer" and make an ass of themselves.
Is Modern Technology Polluting Modern Childhood?
I'm am so proud to be a child of the 80s. We had a lot of fun. We were outside with our friends at all times, during all seasons. There was no internet or cell phones to get in the way of that! Now that I am a parent, dwelling on the fact that we were the last generation without such technologi…
My Woodstove. How Do I Take Care Of It?
I'll plead ignorance and ask for your help! I've inherited a wood burning stove with this house and it's been a LONG TIME since I had to maintain one. Can you give me some advice????
The Price Of Gold, My Priceless Piece
The price of gold has been wobbly the last couple of months, probably due mostly to people (rightfully so) freaking out about the economy. In my world, my MOTHER'S gold will always be priceless and you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead body before I'd sell it.
It’s Dungeness Season At The Wolfe Household
The Wolfe family is from the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up in a place that offers up one of the most delicious oceanic culinary treats: The Dungeness Crab. It's perhaps my favorite thing on the planet, besides Cheez-It's and Budweiser.
Uncovering Our Dog’s Scent Tracking Ability Has Been A Blessing
My wife and I got a new dog about a year ago (after losing our beloved Zeus, whom my wife had before I came into the picture). I thought we found our new Golden Doodle, Huckleberry, but I'm beginning to think he found us. He really is one of life's blessings. We had no idea how smart he wa…

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