Chex Mix Disaster
I have resigned myself to knowing I'm the only female on the planet who is not capable of making Chex Mix. Unfortunate, since it's my absolute favorite snack.
Live Fantasy Football Drafts Rock!
I need to apologize to my wife because I just became an even bigger fantasy football nerd last night. We decided to have a life draft this year for the first time. That requires grown men and women getting together and squabbling over the temporary "fantasy" rights of other grown m…
Things I’ll Never Understand
Cricket. That's one of the many things I'll never understand and I'm OK with that. But upon having a conversation yesterday with a friend, we both realized that there are so many day to day things that two grown, intelligent women will never understand.
Girls Watching Football
Girls watching football is a situation that can be hard to read. Some girls "watch" football to appease those around them and somehow fit in socially. As the season approaches it seems only fitting to address this topic. When Megan and I are watching football I assure you, we'…
Cyber Spying, Identity Theft – You And
I realize that I'm somewhat of a public figure (for better or worse) but I'm also fond of my privacy. You know, stuff that just isn't anyone's business. Do yourself a favor and check out the website I hate the most, because you're probably on it. And then we can both hate it…
Mom’s Quilts. Comfort Food For The Soul.
My mom was a pretty spectacular lady. Sure, lots of people think their mom is pretty great and I'm sure they're right. But really, my mom was cool. One of her oddball hobbies she picked up over the years was quilting. I think she took it up only to keep hands busy when she quit smoking but…
My Life. In Piles.
Without going into the sordid details, I'll say this: my life is in transition. Just keep telling yourself that change is good and maybe you'll believe it. Or perhaps, like me, you'll just crack another Budweiser and pack up another box of your stuff.
Side Effects Of The MOOSE Morning Show
Long time MOOSE listeners know that we've always done our best to "bring Bozeman to the rest of the planet". That mantra doesn't end with the MOOSE Morning Show, but it certainly starts there and sounding like you know what you're doing at 6am is more difficult than …
I’m Down With OPK
That stands for Other People's Kids. There is something special about developing a friendship with Other People's Kids. First of all, kids are (for the most part) awesome. Secondly, they're not your kids so you don't have to boss them around and they clearly appreciate that.
If You’re A Dude, Don’t Bother Reading This
My father is trying to crush my soul. How you ask? By stocking his kitchen with as much tasty, fattening, delicious things as possible. This is no longer a joke as much as a daily mental challenge to not inhale 5 pieces of chocolate covered toffee. He's an old man who can eat whatever the hell …

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