My Top 10 Running Songs (Sure To Get You An Extra Mile)
I hate lists involving music because ranking music that connects with me is the hardest thing in the world for me to do. Alas, I somehow have created a Top Ten List of Songs to Run To. This fine mix of tempo and melodic energy is the only personal trainer I need on the road or trail. Hopefully someo…
Music, A Gift Of Life
My 5 month-old just had her first music class last night. My wife and I enrolled her in this great program at Belgrade Music Academy. Pass on the gift of music early and often, they're never too young!
What Does Your Desk Say About You?
This week has been extraordinarily nutzo-crazy and the state of my desk reflects that. We hired a new cleaning lady in recent weeks and it crossed my mind this morning....what on earth must she think when she comes in this office?
Last Night’s Standoff West Of Belgrade Ends Peacefully
Right around 7:00 p.m. last night, deputies and local response teams were dispatched to a residence at Frontage and Weaver Road west of Belgrade after a man called 9-1-1. He said he was armed and threatened to harm himself. The man was taken into custody without incident but police needed to close F…
Why Aren’t There More Olympic Movies? [VIDEO]
I love the Olympics, in particular the Summer Olympics. Every four years I get way caught up in the back-story drama (NBC, I know what you're doing but I still love it). With all the real life drama behind what it takes to compete in the Olympics and win a medal, why hasn't this been reena…

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