MSU Students to Rampage
Braxton is the crazy one. Ian is the wild card. Patrick is refined, yet rugged. Lorenzo is calculated but with a splash of humor no one sees coming. The group is the first Montana State University trail crew to be sent to Red Bull’s Rampage, an extreme downhill mountai…
Bear Inside Hallway at Bozeman High School [Video]
There's been quite a few bear sightings around Bozeman the last few days. This morning a black bear was reported on Oak St near Santa Fe Reds and also Bozeman High School. In fact, check out the video that someone captured of the bear inside one the high school hallways earlier this morning.
Cloudy with a Chance of Awesome
Last Tuesday, I happened to step out into the best rainbow I have ever witnessed, but what really caught my attention were the clouds behind it.
There is something ethereal about clouds in Big Sky country. From sunrise to sunset, our clouds are simply stunning...

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