Pennsylvania Voting Machines Allegedly Altering Votes [VIDEO]
The YouTube user and Pennsylvania voter, centralpavote, posted a video of himself trying to select Barack Obama on the touch screen voting display. The machine highlights Mitt Romney's name despite his efforts. Is this a faulty machine or a faulty user?
2012 You Decide Presidential Race Predictions
Are you sitting on the edge of your seat in white knuckle anticipation of who will be the next President of the United States? Here is a nifty site that lets you predict who will win. As the polls come in, states will become decided but the undecided states you can predict their outcome and see what…
Sunday Brunch- 11.14.12- Playlist
Ladies, if you think that the new Healthcare bill (Obamacare) will protect your reproductive rights, your family and your business- think again. Educate yourselves. Read the bill. The 'Right' may be talking like they are out of the 1950's but the 'Left' has laid out the step…
Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Backs Obama
Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler sings Barack Obama’s praises in his eloquent contribution to '90 Days, 90 Reasons,' a website started by literary icon Dave Eggers promoting the president’s reelection.

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