Worst Persons Of 2011? [VIDEO]
We here at the Moose don't want to openly criticize anyone involved in politics...we're smarter than that, we'll let Keith Olbermann do it. Check out this video!
Montana’s Minimum Wage To Increase In 2012
On January 1st, 2012 Montana’s minimum wage will increase 30 cents to $7.65 an hour, raising wages for 21,000 low-wage workers in the state. Montana’s minimum wage increase means an extra $624 per year in wages for a full-time minimum wage worker.
Roger Waters Gets Behind Occupy Wall Street Movement
Roger Waters could very well fall into the category of wealth dubbed the “one percent” that’s being targeted by Occupy Wall Street, but that isn’t stopping the Pink Floyd star from supporting the nascent New York-based socioeconomic movemen…

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