Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch- 2.12.12- Ode to You, Coffee in my Cup.
I love you coffee in my cup. I try to quit you but find myself comforted and entranced by you every morning and more than not, throughout the day. When we were on a break, I did try tea, it's pretty good, but its not you. It's just you coffee, just you.
Sunday Brunch- 2.5.12- Patriots Game Day
I saw a sign on The Cannery's front window on my way into the studio this morning. It read- "Patriots Game Day." We certainly know on which side they stand, as well as a good portion of our little Metropolis. You see, we have a local boy on that team...
Sunday Brunch- 1.29.12- Playlist
Enjoy this bump and jumble through the tunes. See you next Sunday 9-noon Next week I will have the new Darrell Scott Cd and will feature a few tracks. Till then... The pup is a deaf rescue dog that is currently living just south of Missoula...
Sunday Brunch- 1.22.12- playlist
Hope you enjoyed the show. See you next Sunday 9-noon at 95-1 or at AND might I say, I have no idea why this picture is not loading up correctly. Boo!
Sunday Brunch- 12.18.11- SLAM Holiday Showcase
The S.L.A.M. (Support your Local Artists and Musicians) Holiday Showcase is in the final hours today. It is happening until 5pm today. You will find jewelry, artwork, pottery, clothing, metal smith work and more all created by local artists and craftspeople. It is inside a retail space on the nort…
Sunday Brunch- 11.27.11- Playlist Downloads
Hey.... get this! :)
This is BRILLIANT! :) Very happy to offer this to you, now you can download each of the tracks with a simple click. We plan on doing this each week from now on! See you next Sunday right here on 95.1 The Moose
Enjoy! L....
Sunday Brunch- 11.27.11- Playlist
Thanks for listening this morning. Hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend.  Make it a great week. See you next Sunday 9-noon at 95-1 or at
Playlist for 11.27.11
Norah Jones- Wish I Could- Not Too Late
Jacob Dylan- Something Good This Way Comes- Seeing Things
Tony Furtado- Bones- Go…
Sunday Brunch- 11.20.11- Huffing for Stuffing
This event is 5 years strong. It has become a Bozeman tradition. Thanks to the vision of two local runners, John Dudas and J.C. They both moved here from other parts of the U.S. and have made Bozeman home. Thanks to them, we now have this perfect event, on the perfect day for the perfect cause...

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