Cyber Spying, Identity Theft – You And
I realize that I'm somewhat of a public figure (for better or worse) but I'm also fond of my privacy. You know, stuff that just isn't anyone's business. Do yourself a favor and check out the website I hate the most, because you're probably on it. And then we can both hate it…
Got Instagram? Check Out This Hilarious Parody [VIDEO]
Spoofing a Nickelback song is going to be funny more times than not. Their music is kind of structured as parody. Well, this particular video was a home run! It goes beyond (the now old) Nickelback joke. The joke here lies in the lyrics, which portray the ridiculousness, self-indulgent nature of soc…
Video App Vine Now Available for Android
The very popular iPhone video app called Vine has now been released on Android devices. Android users like me have been waiting very impatiently for months to use Vine. I highly recommend this free download to anyone with an iPhone or Android device.
Annoyed By Facebook Updates? Yeah, Us Too [VIDEO]
We use Facebook just as much or more as the average bear, and we're pretty frustrated with random updates with no warning...wondering how to change things back to "normal", whatever normal Facebook privacy setting IS these days.

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